Small Space Living: Living Room Storage

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We own a lot of books, and we also like to have extra blankets in our living room to cuddle with. So having some storage in the living room is really helpful for us.  Ideally, it would be wonderful to have a walk-in closet right off of the living room. I’ve seen those before and think the architects who design big closets like that are genius. But, for those of use with limited closet space and living in small spaces, here are some ideas for ways to get more storage space in the living room:

1. Use a coffee table that has storage space. There are so many options for different coffee tables. I love this one above from West Elm for storing books and also being able to use as a desk.  It folds up so nicely (see picture below).

2. Use an ottoman with storage space. This beautiful ottoman could store blankets, extra sofa pillows, or books.

3.  Use coffee table that turns into a dinner table.  Cool. This coffee table has a place for storage, but can also be extended to use as a table.  This is convenient if you’re living in a small space without room for a dinner table. 

4. Take multiple book shelves and combine them.  This is nicely done.  There is lots of storage and I like how it frames the TV.

5. Build a wall to wall shelving unit.  This is gorgeous.  I would love to have this on a wall in my living room for books and any other things I need to store. 
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